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  Photo from the book "La mémoire des sports d'hiver au pied du Mont-Blanc" by C. Mollier and J.P. Gallay
Priest blessing the first Bellevue car on January 19th  in 1937

In 1924, the first cable car of  the  Chamonix  valley (first  section  Les Pélerins-La Para  of  the  Glaciers  lift)  is  put  into  service  for  the winter  Olympic  Games.  Around  1930,  the  first  ski  schools  are started  in  the  Valley. In 1933, Charles Viard (a woodseller in Sallanches) organized the building of the Rochebrune cable car in Megève : it was a success.

He comes up with the idea, in 1936, of building a cable car at Bellevue and starts with some friends, a little company to gather funds and begins the works. But a problem appears : the departure is at Les Houches and the arrival is at St Gervais. The council of St Gervais obtains, in exchange of lands, the building by Charles Viard of the St Gervais-Le Bettex cable car, and the works start at Bellevue.

The works advance quickly and the day of tries arrives : the car rushes forward, goes beyond the first two pylones... It's stopped by a forgotten tree in the way. Charles Viard walks up with some men to cut the trunk. Exhausted he faints on the way down.

On December 28th in 1936, the Bellevue cable car is finished. One year later, in 1937, the men's World Cup Downhill takes place for the first time on the "Verte" and the winner is Emile Allais.

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