Lost lifts at Le Tour

The Charamillon drag lift built in 1937
In 1937, a POMA drag lift was built by Charles Viard (woodseller in Sallanches) and Paul Arpin. But in fact, it wasn't used until of the end of the forties.

It started a bit higher than the actual station and finished at Plan du Caiset, just below Charamillon.

This drag lift permitted the organisation, in 1957 of the Kandahar slalom won by Tony Mark.

The following year, a chairlift took its place.


An other drag lift (656 ft long), "Le Petit des Planes", was put into service for school trips to the snow and the children were lodged at l'Igloo.

It started at the actual Tour car park on the Posettes road and was destroyed by an avalanche in the late fifties.

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The Planes drag lift built in 1947