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June 2004
Major works

Ever since the Tour-Charamillon-Les Autannes chairlift was built, there has been talk of linking Vallorcine and Le Tour over the "Col des Posettes", but the project won't get off the ground until 1998.

Meanwhile though, a lot of projects are completed :

The Arve T-bar built in 1961 is replaced in 1972.
In the top left hand corner, the Avre T-bar. Note the electricity poles that have been removed since.

The 1968 gondola at the top of Charamillon.

In 1967-68, a 4 passenger gondola replaces the old chairlift, increasing the capacity from 280 passengers per hour to 480, and the speed from 2.5 meters per second to 3 meters per second.

There is still talk of a link to Vallorcine.

In 1968, the first snowcat is acquired.
The second section of the gondola in the summer of 1968.

The first snowcat.

In 1981, the Col de Balme buttonlift and the 3 seater chairlift which starts at the Tour (about 50 meters higher than the station of the cable car) and arrives higher than the Col de Balme buttonlift which is at 1995 meters.

The main goal is to double the flow at the bottom station at the Tour and bring the skiers to the Col de Balme. This chair will never have the expected success because you have to walk 50 meters on foot. It was sold to a lebanese ski area.

In 1986-87, an automatic 6 seater gondola on the 1st section of the Tour-Charamillon was built. Its output is 1500 people per hour, its speed is 4 meters per second. The second section is still a 4 seater gondola from 1968 until 1992 which is replaced by a high speed chairlift. The output rises to 2400 people per hour and the speed to 4.5 meters per second.

In 1990, two buttonlifts are built : the Plan buttonlift and the Aiguillette buttonlift.

On the left, the chairlift that was sold to the lebanese in 1993, on the right, the gondola of the Tour-Charamillon in 1987.
     On the left, the Arve buttonlift, in the middle the stables which are now a restaurant and on the right the chairlift of Autannes.

In 1997, the development of the Posettes area was allowed but, in exchange, the wilderness area of the Vallon de Berard was created.

During 1997-1998, a high speed chairlift (4 seats) goes from les Esserts to the Tete de Balme. Its output is 2400 people per hour and its speed is 4.5 meters per second.

The ski area goes from 200 to 500 acres and the flow from 560 people per hour in 1960 to 9600 people per hour now.

You can go from the Tour to Vallorcine, but the return away is still in project.

In 2001, the bottom station of the Tour is remodeled.
In 2002, 24 snow makers with high pressure are put on the Caisets slopes (Charamillon-Le Tour) implying big water supplies.

The start of Les Autannes made in 1991.

Arrival station of the 6 seater gondola at Charamillon.
It was also, before 1991, the station of departures for Les Autannes.


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