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October 2004
Accidents and Incidents

During the construction of the first chairlift in 1957, a worker, Edouard Ravanel from Montroc, was killed.
Still on the same chair, around 1960, a chair hit a tower because of the wind, so the passenger ( who was a client from UCPA) had her liver crushed by the bar pressure.
20 years later, a witness of the first incident was terrified by another incident : 4 seater gondolas, (at that time) had a metal bar on the lower part of the gondola which was used as a bumper. One of the passengers, who was a bit too fat, caused the gondola to be lower so that the exit fence got stuck in the bumper. That fence, started to swing and hit a tower. The chair was a little shaken but luckily stayed on the cable and the passenger whose name is René Dufour was able to unhuck the fence.
In 1961, 2 towers were damaged by avalanches.
In 1999, an avalanche took away the top station.
Finally, a few paragliders got stuck in the rollers.

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